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tool handle making - before I do..

Mike Schwing from Md.
>Advice appreciated and sought after, please.

I have had a few occasions lately where I have literally run out of tool handle on my Ellsworth tool. I believe the handle itself is 17" long and the tool itself was 10" new.

The way I use the tool is to comfortably nest the end of the handle in my underarm, with my right hand on the tool handle "buldge" and the left hand guiding it. On deep end grain vessels I have run out of handle so as to not be able to nestle the end of it in my underarm, rendering the tool unusable, for me. My height, or lack of, makes this approach perfect as it still provides the horizontal tool approach I've learned to enjoy with the Ellsworth tool. I'd like to continue using this tool for this purpose, it eats up end grain easily and provides for a very smooth, controllable cut down the sidewalls as well.

So I read last week's posts on tool handles where a couple of you guys use brass nuts and turn them down, and I found some very long cocobolo turning stock locally that I can turn into a longer, heavier handle.

I don't really want to ruin my current Ellsworth tool, so...

can I buy an unhandled one somewhere? If I do, do you glue it in to the handle?

How deep should the tool be buried in the handle? Does the nut provide holding power or just keep the handle from splitting apart?

Anything else that you can forsee me having issues with in this endeavor, please don't hesitate.

And thank you in advance.

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