Turning Archive 2004

Funny turning story with a lesson

Joel Hunnicutt
>I teach beginning woodturning at the local community college. One of my students last week asked it I had ever turne a grape vine. He said he had a really large wide one growing near his house. I told him that I hadn't but it sounded interesting.

He came in last night with his face red and his eyes nearly swollen shut. Turns out his grape vine was really a massive poison ivy vine! He's now on the prednisone step down program. We all had a good laugh at his expense, but it did give us a chance to talk about toxisity (sp?) issues and making sure that we know what we are turning. He finished the night turning a nice little maple bowl and just before we left, one of the other students observed that it looked just like poison sumac :). Somehow he wasn't ammused.

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