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Critique (OMT and long)

Russ Fairfield
>We used the Chat Room last night to discuss how the Room and this Board are being used and how the group would like to see them used to improve their woodturnings.

It was unanimous that this forum can be better used as a learning tool, and that there should be more critiques and suggestions from the group on improvements to our wood turnings.

We will encourage posting photos for critique. Take your best shot, and tell us that you want critical comments and suggestions. I am sure that the readers will give their best. Please don't offer any critique and suggestions to a posted photo when they are not asked for. Sometimes these things are posted just to be looked at.

If this is your first piece of turned wood, tell us that and the comments can allow for your inexperience.

Please tell us how big it is. Some of us turn big pieces of wood, and we see everything as being larger than it really is unless there is a reference to its size.

We have had a recent (yesterday) use of a photo editing software as a way to make a suggestion for improvement of a bowl. The modified photo of that Maple bowl conveyed a clear and positive message far better than words alone. The good quality of the original photo was also a necessary part of making this work. I know it takes time to do these things, but this is an excellent learning tool that more of us with the capability should be using.

If you don't want a public display of comments, post it on the Critique Board that is available from the menu. The photo function works the same as our Turning Board. It was created so that things could be posted and discussed out of the main stream of visitors. If you do this, PLEASE post a message here that tells us that it is there.

One of our best learning tools is the Chat Room because it allows instant and personal conversation. It is open for use 24 and 7 for a personal and live discussion of any topic, including a critique. To my knowledge, the Chat Room has never been used for any purpose other than the formal chat sessions. Why don't we use it. If you want a private discussion, you can ask for and arrange a meeting in the Chat Room with anyone you would like to talk to. All it takes is a personal e-mail to that person. If you don't mind visitors, then post the request on the Turning Board.

I encourage our "experts" to initiate such a meeting with another person whom they would like offer their assistance. This can be kept as a private conversation or the time and date posted on the Board.

One of our "experts" can announce that they will check into the Chat Room at some specific time every day, or specific days, and anyone who wants to ask them a question is welcome to come on in. Will anyone volunteer for that one?

Either way, the Chat Room can be an excellent learning tool, and one that we are not using.

I hope this offers some ways that Wood Central can be better used for the improvement of our woodturnings.

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