Turning Archive 2004

VL100 Question

David Wheeler
>I'm very new to turning and have a question about a VL100 I purchased late last year. I'm afraid to use it because of the heat build up; and don't want to do any damage.

I just need to know if this is "normal".
I made up 12" long white oak and walnut in 2"x2" squares to practice with. After running 10 minutes the larger chrome wheel gets hot. Just hot enough you wouldn't want to leave your hand on it. Since I had other things to do, i contacted the individual and he suggested i had mounted the piece too tight. I figured that for sure that that was the problem.

However, now that i'm waiting on a saw to be delivered, I figured i'd practice on the lathe again. This time i mounted the piece quite loosely, and the heat built up just as before.

I checked the belt (this is a variable speed VL100) and loosened it till it would just about slip (thinking maybe the belt was too tight and putting pressure on the motor bearings). Still the heat.

Because i stop turning when it gets hot, I'm not sure if it is okay to continue or not. Please let me know if i'm okay to continue; and that the heat is to be expected.


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