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Powered Respirators Question.

Robert R. Clough - Tthorncraft
>Not being a turner (I'd be dangerous with a lathe) I seldom come here. However, it was suggested on the general board that I post the following as you people tend to use powered respirators. Oh yes, I was told of another brand - Bradwest.

I have Emphysema and Asthma. I am on various breathing medications, taking Pulmonary Rehab "forever" - and it works. I shall probably go on Oxy for heavy work (digging post holes, chain sawing, snow shoveling etc.) Now, I must get some form of powered respirator for the shop. I have recently tried a device that fit over the nose - it had a fan. Not enough air for me. I used to have a Trend face shield but it died several years ago and was not replaced.

I have checked out the new Triton and Trend devices. Both appear to work and articles indicate each works as described. The Triton appears to be bulkier and perhaps less easy to use (Matt Berger of FWW says it made him look like an escapee from a HAZMAT crew). The Trend appears similar to the shield I had several years ago. I remember it being relatively easy to use even with glasses (all masks are a nuisance - but breathing IS necessary).

Now, have any of you used either of these? If so, what results did you have? How easy are they to use? Is the air flow very good? E-mail if you prefer.

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