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"Multi-Axis Equation - Revised" for John K. Jordon *LINK*

charlie belden
>The following will probably only be of interest to John K. Jordon and maybe one other curious person so if you're not a Details Person and the word "math" makes you drowsy and "geometry" and "trig" put you in a coma - find another message to read.

In a previous thread Peter Hyde initiated with the question "What's the difference between Multi-Axes (sic), Multi-Centre (sic) and Off Centre (sic)?" Peter Hyde provided a link to one of the web pages I did on turning a "3 Sided Box" that had some equations for getting the biggest 3 Sided Box from a square blank. (you with me so far?)

John found what he believed were several errors in those equations and their derivation and asked for clarifaction. Turns out he was right - sloppy work on my part - though some were basically typos.

So, as promised, I went back over that page, corrected the typos, and redid most of the page, checking everything more thoroughly as I redid that page and illustrations. Also cleaned up an earlier page that used those equations.

The link below is to the corrected page of illustrations and "math" and if you back up two pages the "table and equations" has been corrected as well.

Thanks John for the thorough review and comments.

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