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Who Made It Game suggestion

charlie belden
>I introduced this game for fun, but also to expose lurkers to turners who may be familiar to active participants in this forum but unknown to newbies, either to this forum, or to turning.

So, in addition to a Who Made It picture, it'd be nice to include a link to the mystery turner's web site or to a site that shows other work by her or him - after he or she has been identified of course.

Oh - and if you post a guess, maybe including a link to the site of the person you think Made It would also expose others to that person's work.

I started the game with a detail shot of a Graeme Priddle piece because he's developed a style and texturing which is so distinctly his that you only need to see a small part of one of his pieces to recognize that it's one of his pieces. There are many other's that have a style or technique or element that is identified with his or her work - Cindy Drozda's exquisit and delicate "onion" finials for example, or Escoulen's How In The Hell Did He Do That?

Just some suggestions to consider - or not.

BTW - I'm enjoying being introduced to works of turners I'm not familiar with. Links to more of their work would be nice.

charlie belden

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