Turning Archive 2008

Koa lidded jar... *PIC*

Mike Stafford
>David Chung sent me this piece of koa that I have worried over for quite some time trying to figure out how best to use. It was too big for one of my normal boxes and that would have resulted in too much waste to suit me. And it was not quite large enough to get two boxes.

So I came up with this form. Initially the lid was a snug fit and I almost lost the whole thing when I picked it up by the lid and it popped out. I managed to save the piece by catching it with the instep of my foot. I changed the fit and now it is an easy to remove lid.

At 4" tall and 3 3/4" in diameter it has an ebony Mun knob. The photo does not capture the black and gray stripes in the knob. Several folks have recommended if I do another to fatten the knob to make it shaped more like the body of the jar. Others suggested some small beads near the bottom of the knob.

Your comments appreciated....

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