Turning Archive 2008

flower and stem mirror *PIC*

john lucas
>I'm starting to go back to my roots on this one. My earliest mirrors had hand carved handles. to speed up the process and keep the prices low I started turning the handles. Now I'm going backwards. This one is carved and then inlayed into the wood. I made a few booboo's on this one. I cut out the hole for the inlay but then I final sanded the handle. This took off just a hair so how there is noticeable gap between the handle and the wood.

I also didn't clamp the mirror when drilling the holes for the flowers so there is a very slight gap there on one of the flowers because the wood tried to wobble when the outer rim of the drill bit grabbed the wood.

Last but not least when carving the hole for the short branch the corner chipped off. The piece of wood fell on the floor and I couldn't find it. I got another piece and thought I did my best to match the color and grain but I must have gotten a section with the darker lines because when I applied the finish it stands out like a sore thumb.

Also it's impossible to photograph chatoyance in the wood. You can move the light and bring out one look and then shift it and the curly maple changes appearance. However you can't get both in one photo. I put 2 photos in to show the differene.

OH well, attention to detail is what makes things better so I will chastise myself for these errors and move on to the next one.

The body of the mirror is curly maple, the flowers are purple heart and Tagua Nut, the handle is Tulip wood.

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