Turning Archive 2008

cutting pipe

don lewonczyk
>Awhile ago someone wanted to know the best or easiest way to cut pipe for one of their projects. I'm in the process of redoing O/Hauling my round hay baler and had to cut 9-7" long and 7-3" pieces of 1&1/4" waterpipe for guides for the belts. I called Home Depot to see if that size pipe was available and could they cut it to any lenghts. Answer was yes and they would also thread it if required. I had to pay for the lenght of pipe, $25.00 for 10' of it and the guy put it in his machine and cut it exactly as I needed it in less than 30 minutes and there was no charge for the cutting just the cost of the pipe and he wouldn't accept a tip, he said thats H/D policy. Hey what can I say it saved me a ton of time plus I got to eat chinese while I was up that way. So if you need some pipe cut there you go. Have a good one. DonL

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