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Jet 1236 Tailstock Problem

>Jet 1236 Tailstock Question

I bought a used Jet 1236 from a friend. I have used it now for 6 months or so with no issues. Just yesterday, however, I was turning a bat. I took it off the lathe to weigh it, then returned it to the lathe for some fine tuning. When I tried to crank up the tailstock it didn't move. I ended up taking the tailstock apart to find the threads inside the quill were basically ground away to almost a smooth surface 3/4" inside the quill. The screw obviously had no threads left to grab and advance the quill. It seems you often hear turners suggest not to lock the set screw on the quill when you turn, and every so often give the tailstock a little crank to tighten up on the workpiece. I'm afraid this is the cause of my now, smooth threads. Has anyone else had this issue?

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