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HannesTool Sharpening Video on YouTube *LINK*

Donna Banfield
>I couple weeks ago, Bill Neddow started a thread about JoHannes Michelsen's new gouges. The gouge has a grind that is done free-hand, without the aid of jigs. Although I doubt that I could have repeated this grind when I was a novice woodturner, it is a grind that I use all the time now. I say this because I teach woodturning at a couple of the local woodworking stores, and when I show beginner woodturners how to sharpen their tools, they fall into two categories: they are either extremely timid, and stand so far away from the grinder (out of fear??) that MY back hurts watching them try to sharpen; or they're SO aggressive, that in the process of grinding, they let the tool slides right off the side of the grinding wheel.

Hannes has just put a video up on YouTube, showing how he gets the grind on his tools. Note, in the video, he is taking a bowl gouge with a fingernail grind, and reshaping it with his signature grind. Once you have the grind established, it takes but a few seconds to get a fresh edge on it, because there's no setting up a jig on your tool shaft, setting a wolverine slide arm, and checking to ensure it's at the right length/depth. You just walk up to the grinder, turn it on, do one side, the other side, blend the tip...done and back to the lathe.

Again, the grind may not be for everybody, but I sure love it.

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