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Denied *PIC*

Raymond Overman in SC
>I received a letter from a local gallery today denying my entry into their show. It's the first gallery show that I've entered pieces to be juried and it's brought up a few questions.

First, how many of you enter juried gallery shows? What experience and advantage have you seen with entering them as opposed to just presenting work to galleries without the contest? For those of you who enter these type shows, how much of a jury fee are you willing to pay? This one had a $30 entry fee (two pieces)with a $5 each for extra pieces. I entered two pieces.

Looking back I see that it's a money maker for them since they had 92 entrants with 206 pieces and a $1k prize plus they'll receive 40% on sales.

Don't get me wrong, I don't have a negative feeling toward the gallery or the process. I knew what I was getting into and had an idea about who I would be competing against and 30 out of 206 isn't the greatest of odds with the talent that was probably presented. I'm just wondering how this process works overall and would rather not pay out of pocket for the experience ya'll can probably provide.

Just for reference, here are the pieces I entered.


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