Turning Archive 2008

New Shop Lighting

Stuart Johnson
>I'm at the stage in my new shop to start giving some serious thought to the lighting. The shop lights will be on four circuits each switched so I don't need to turn them all on if not needed.

Right now I am considering going with spiral CFL with 100 or 150 watt comparable bulbs rather than tube lights. This is for general lighting that hope will be shadow free. I have only seen one shop with type of lighting and there was good all around light. Has anybody here used these lights instead of tubes? If so how do you like them. Does anyone have any input whether you have them or not? I figure if they don't work out it will be very easy to change them to tubes but I do have a concern about dust build up over time.

The shop is 30 x 40 with 12 foot walls but I think the finished wall will be closer to 10 foot. What spacing would be good for the lights either regular tube lights or CFL? The end result should be good general light as I will use task lighting where needed.

Thanks for any input.

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