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Wednesday's Chat: Turning Alternative Materials

Steve Russell
>Please join us Wednesday night for our weekly Turning Chat. This week our topic will be: Turning Alternative Materials - Antler, Metals, Bone, Stone, Plastics, etc...

Join us in the Turning Chat room tomorrow night as we discuss how to work with and turn alternative materials like metals, stone, bone, plastics and more. What are the best ways to turn these materials? What tools work best? Are there any special setup procedures that are needed to insure success? When you're ready to move beyond wood, there are many different types of materials that can be easily turned on a wood lathe. Join us as we discuss the best ways to work with unusual or alternative materials in our studios and workshops.

Note: The 15 minute SNT is cancelled until further notice.

Turning Chat room opens at 9:00pm EDT (For meet and greet)
Main Topic starts at 9:30pm EDT
Post Chat Wrap-Up starts at 10:30pm EDT (For extended discussions if desired)

See you there!

Steve Russell
Wednesday Night Turning Chat Moderator

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Wednesday's Chat: Turning Alternative Materials
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Tagua makes good netsuke material
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