Turning Archive 2008

Near disaster!!!! *PIC*

Peter Hyde
>About 3 weeks ago I purchased some Liberon 0000 steel wool from LV. Great product! I followed instructions and cut pieces from the roll with an old pair of scissors and used it to apply wax. I had soaked some pieces in pure tung oil and spun them on the lathe to remove excess oil. The pack of Liberon was on a work bench behind and about 4 fet away from the lathe. 2 days ago I was doing a clean up in the shop and noticed a smell of something burning and after a good look around assumed it was a neighbour burning rubbish. Today I discovered this.
I read the caution on the LV site about inflammable steel wool but this was a shock and I consider myself very lucky!
I am thinking some spatter from the tung oil landed on the steel wool and caused the initial combustion as it dried because you can see dark spots on the package that look like a spatter, also there are little beads of tung oil dried on the packaging. So be warned!!!

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