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Coralling Turning Accoutrements *LINK*

charlie belden
>No other woodworking machine seems to propagate "accoutrements'" like a lathe - a baker's dozen or two of gouges and chisels, live centers, dead centers, scroll chucks - with mutliple sets of jaws, calipers, gauges, wrenches - the list goes on and on and on and on ...

Even some of the accoutrements have accoutrements.

Take a powered sharpener- the WorkSharp for example. There are glass diskS AND "slottted" diskS (note the emphasis on the Plural). You can put two different grits on one glass disk - but only ONE grit per slotted disk. And even the bare bones unit comes with 120, 400, 1000, and 3600 grit PSA disks and the same grits for the slotted abrassive PSA disks. If you're obsessive about sharpening you probably added 6000 and 8000 grit disks - plane AND slotted - and maybe a leather honing disk as well.

That's a LOT of STUFF to potentially "misplace" (WE never actually, really and truly LOSE anything - but merely misplace it / them).

Now I've found that my woodworking "friends" (stuff) are sensitive creatures, with a petulant streak if they feel in anyway slighted. When they feel you've not given them proper respect - they can turn on you. Some merely hide in some obscure place, others leap suicidally off whatever they're sitting on and onto the floor, where they then bounce off your foot and/or roll under something heavy. The ones with a mean streak may even attack you.

BUT - if you make them a nice home - and always take them home when you're done using them - they can be quite cooperative. The nicer their home the more available and pleasant they seem to become.

After a month or two of playing Hide and Go Seek with the WorkSharp's accoutrements I decided it would be a good idea to make them a home - a quick and dirty project - just something to corall them. I'd do a nice home for them later.

As has been my pattern - the Quick 'N Dirty little project got out of hand. K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid) went out the door almost immediately.

The attached link describes - and illustrates - what happened.

Have YOU got an example of a Quick 'N Dirty project that got out of hand? Care to share the details?

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Coralling Turning Accoutrements *LINK*
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