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At PSI' showroom 50% off OW Fingernail profile jig

Dominic Greco in Richboro PA
>and $45 off Oneway Talon with 1"-8 TPI insert.

Figured I'd give you guys any local (local to Philly I mean) a heads up about a great deal I got today.

I stopped by PSI's Showroom on Philmont Ave in Phila PA just to get some throat inserts for my bandsaw. While there I was walking around and keeping my eyes opened for deals. I found a box of 3/8" or 1/2" Benjamin Best HSS bowl (or were they spindle?) gouges for $10 each. I didn't need any so I passed on them.

But when I found a NEW-IN-THE BOX Oneway Talon along with the 1"-8 TPI insert for $175 I called my big brother right away (these normally run about $220 - $225 for the chuck and threaded insert). He just got a Midi lathe about 8 months ago and has really been getting into it. I knew he was about to pull the trigger on a chuck. Luckily he didn't get one yet. So I snagged that for him. As we were talking I came across a couple of boxes of Oneway Fingernail Profile Jigs for the Wolverine Jig. These are normally about $48 to $50. PSI marked them down to $25. So one went into the bag as well!

Anyway, there were not a lot of either of these items left. But I figured that if some lucky local turner could get to PSI's showroom on Monday, they'd probably still be there.

See ya around,


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