Turning Archive 2008

OSB for shop walls

Stuart Johnson
>I'm in the process of having a new shop built and it is time to start thinking about how I'll finish the inside.

It is a metal building so finishing the walls is really cosmetic and a way to cover insulation. I'll probably frame them with 2x4's on 19+ centers and want them to be sturdy enough to use French cleats for cabinets and tool racks without worrying about finding a stud. My lumber storage will be supported with 4x4's and only attached to the wall to keep it in place.

I will run my electrical wiring in front rather behind the wall covering so I have the option of moving it around as or if I want.

With that amount of information what are the thoughts about oriented stand board? Would 7/16 be thick enough or do I need to move up to 5/8 or 3/4 whatever the next thickness that is now being sold.

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