Turning Archive 2008

Open Discussion: What draws you to your club?

steve antonucci
>So, for a long time, I was in solitary. I turned for 10 years before I met another turner. This year I joined the AAW and two turning clubs. I am glad I did.

One of the clubs is brand new. We have 16 members, and we just had our third meeting. I watch other people during the meetings, and I have sort of volunteered to take an active "leadership" role of some sort. Honestly, I think my interest in the club meetings is very different than the typical attendee.

Looking for an answer to the following: Why do you belong to a club AND attend the meetings?

So far, here's what I've seen:

Beginners wanting to learn the basics

Interested in the demonstrator (big name turner)

Night out (easy to please)

Opportunity to network with other turners (trade wood, tools, techniques, whatever...)

So, with such a diverse group of skills and interests, how do you manage to attract new members and keep everyone happy and meetings interesting? I may end up being the guy who needs to figure this out...



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