Turning Archive 2008

What would you make with these blanks? *PIC*

GolfSteve in Calgary
>What would you make with these blanks? They are poplar and soaking wet.

I'm not much of a bowl turner but I'd like to make something nice for a charity auction that we run every October (we work in the Ukraine and Burma - it will be interesting to see if we can do anything for the Cyclone victims this year). The round blank looks like it should become a platter. The other two I have no idea. The round blank is about 10 to 12" in diameter.

I found that it was really hard to read grain direction in wet wood. There's about 10 other plain grained blanks that I am hoping will spalt to improve their appearance. Some of them smell like dog-crap :-( I have another nice crotchwood blank that is sitting in a garbage bag covered in dirt, miracle grow, and beer :-)

Any thanks to everyone who recommended that I buy a big lathe. A mini lathe would have been very limiting. I roughed out a wet blank last night and even with a big General 260 I was bogging the motor down. Vibration was pretty manageable. Now I just have to figger out how to use my bowl gouge properly. I switched to a scraper because it was a lot easier.


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