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Wednesday's Chat: Wood Storage Tips and Tricks----

Steve Russell
>Please join us tomorrow night for our weekly Turning Chat. This week our topic will be: Wood Storage - Tips and Tricks for Storing Blanks, Turning Squares and Roughouts.

Join us in the Turning Chat room tomorrow night as we discuss the best ways to store your blanks, turning squares, roughouts and logs. How do you store your blanks for drying? What about logs? Do you use any special storage procedures for solid logs that are awaiting processing? How do you store roughouts that have reached EMC (equilibrium moisture content)? How do you keep your green wood drying stacks organized? Do you use some type of system to store your dried blanks to keep them organized and ready for use? Join us as we discuss the best ways to store green and dry wood and how to efficiently organize the drying and storage areas in our studios and workshops.

Note: Ron is no longer able to host our Show and Tell photos, so the 15 minute SNT is cancelled until further notice. Thanks to Ron for all of his hard work in hosting our previous SNT photos.

Turning Chat room opens at 9:00pm EDT (For meet and greet)
Main Topic starts at 9:30pm EDT
Post Chat Wrap-Up starts at 10:30pm EDT (For extended discussions if desired)

See you there!

Steve Russell
Wednesday Night Turning Chat Moderator

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