Turning Archive 2008

Turning vacation *PIC*

Carol - now in NC Nebraska
>Just returned from my vacation. Two days were given over to visiting Wally Dickermann, my turning mentor and friend. As soon as my camera batteries are charged I will post a picture of #7.

Meanwhile, here is a tip I learned. When using a screw chuck, to get the final tightening of the stock, Wally used a very large Channel lock pliers applied to the glue block. Cool, I thought. I have one of those. Well, I do but not quite large enough for a 3" glue block.

So while I was in WalMart I checked on oil filter wrenches and here is what I found. A scissors type wrench with a large enough diameter grabbing dimension and adjustable to get a good grip without the handles being too far apart for my hands. And, less than $10.

Thanks, Wally, for the idea.

More on the visit with Wally later.

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