Turning Archive 2008

Filling up a crack *PIC*

Ilya Zavorin
>This is actually a follow-up to the thread "Need advice on finish" that I started a couple of days ago. Thanks to everyone for their advice. It turned out, however, that CA glue did not penetrate as much as I thought it did, so I was able to sand away its stains. Everything was going great and it was time to reverse-chuck the bowl and finish the bottom. I applied just a bit too much pressure with the tail stock and - BAM! - the bowl cracked on one side. The crack (actually two) went almost all the way to the bottom and to one side. Bummer! Following Bill Neddow's advice, I will try to recover from my mistake. I want to fill the crack with something dark to contrast with the rest of the bowl. Someone had suggested coffee grinds + epoxy. I've never used epoxy, the only glue I've used for my turnings was CA. My 1st question is: Why grinds + epoxy and not grinds + epoxy? My 2nd question: Can you recommend any other suitable fillers? Thanks much.

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