Turning Archive 2008

aluminum finials *PIC*

john lucas
>Here is the glass piece that I photographed for my friend Everett. I turned a finial just like this and then worked with him to teach him how to do it. He has made about a dozen glass pieces with the finials. This is the first double one. In the end we found that a combination of metal lathe and wood lathe worked the best. We roughed out the shapes on the metal lathe because it can hog off material faster. Then installed a homemade tool rest on the metal lathe so he could use the Thompson detail gouges to fine tune the shape. Followed this with a flat and round tail file to clean up any chatter marks and then sanded to 600 grit followed by 4/0 steel wool. On some of them we used white automotive rubbing compound followed by a coat of wax.

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