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The kindness of turners

Mike Rubes, Apex, NC
>Hi all,

A week or so ago I posted a note about needed some 4x4 maple squares for a mother's day present I am working on with my two sons. I got some good responses including links of where I could buy the wood. This is great, I said.

Saturday was our local American Cancer Society Relay for Life event. My wife and I are on a team and we (and our boys) were there all day and all night and had a great time and raised a lot of money for a very worthy cause. I came home Sunday morning about 10:00 and found a box on my porch from the mail Saturday. Imagine my suprise when it was two maple turning squares from Gerry Meekins up in Maryland (and a piece of cherry to keep things from "sliding around")! I don't know if Gerry posts much here or not, but I've met him at Bill Grumbine's picnic the last few years. What a wonderful surprise to come home to! I've got the first one chucked up and hope to get to work on it tonight.

Many thanks, Gerry, that was a really nice thing to do. I hope the project turns out ok. Either way, I'll post pics when it is done.


Happy to be part of the Wood Central family in Apex, NC

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The kindness of turners
Glad u r havin fun with it Mike! Lets see some pix *NM*
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