Turning Archive 2008

Sanding with PSA Vs Velcro disks questions

Barry Irby
>I was thinking of making or buying about six or eight sanding mandrels so that I could have a mandrel for each grit and then changing the mandrel in the drill rather than constantly changing the disk on the mandrel.

It seems to me that it is the Velcro that wears out. The little hooks wear off or fail from heat. The Velcro sandpaper is more expensive, but allows for you to swap it out often and use it until it wears out.

So, if you had a specific mandrel for each grit, you could use it until the paper wore out and then swap to fresh paper.

Also seems PSA paper would be easier to cut into disks if you wanted to make your own.

Is there some reason not to use PSA paper? Does it not work as well for some reason?

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