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What a difference 100 + years makes

Randy Johnson
>My turning so far this year has been down quite a bit because I hurt my back harvesting some walnut in early February (never had SO much fun getting hurt) and for a while I had trouble standing for very long.
During this time I acquired some southern yellow pine timbers that had been part of an elevator shaft in an old factory building here in Connersville. I am in the process of converting the timbers into hollow forms of various sizes to be auctioned off by the Community Education Coalition, the organization renovating the building.
These timbers went from green to dried sometime in the 1880s. I've been concentrating on them because I have to be done in early June. Also, I was working with wood that was lighter than the stuff that I damaged myself with. It's been fun, but turning pine that old is almost like nonstop sanding.
Last Sunday I tackled some walnut that was even greener than what I already had. After all that dry pine I had forgotten what it was like to turn and shower at the same time. When the pine is gone I am going to try to stick to wood that has had squirrels on it no more than two years previously.

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What a difference 100 + years makes
I hate dry wood (except for bowls)
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