Turning Archive 2008

Help With Threading *PIC*

Ron McKinley
>I asked a friend of mine if he could build a threading machine and he did and now I have it to try out. I sent him everything I could find including Jean Michel's and Al Crandall's machines. He did a great job. Problem is, neither of us knows how to use it!

Questions: Do you make a box with a friction fit lid and go from there?

Do you thread the inside of the lid first, then the tenon on the base?

Which side of the lid/base should the cutter be on? The near side (operator side)or the far side?

How thick should the tenon on the base be to start? I tried to thread one but got the tenon too thin to start so that didn't work.

How do you keep the same depth for the inside threads (lid) and the tenon on the base?

I notice that the cutter cuts really sharp threads. Should these be blunted a little with sandpaper?

Anything else I should know?


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