Turning Archive 2008

Tenon failure *PIC*

steve antonucci
>I've had this burl laying on the woodpile for a while. Tonight, I fired up the chainsaw and processed it into a bunch of small pieces and one large one. I was going for a Southwestern shape, and I saw a small soft spot on the outside. I figured that it would either turn out, or I'd have a hole. The whole time I was shaping the outside, I noticed a slight wobble that wouldn't go away.

I had a good surface despite the wobble, and had just started hollowing when I had a minor catch. The next thing I see is my pot jammed between the toolresat and the ways.

Tenon failure.

Now, this tenon was at least 5" across, and it sheared in a split second. Why? Because dirt has no strength at all in shear. The entire thing was marginally still wood, and I was surprised that I had gotten that far without the thing failing. I stuck an awl clear through it.

So tomorrow, next day, whenever, I'll bandsaw this into 4-6 smaller blocks and wax them for some day. Life it too short to turn crappy wood :-)


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