Turning Archive 2008

Need advice on finish

>I turned a piece of cherry that included the pith. Haven't sanded it yet. I think this is a type of flowering cherry, the hardwood is creamy in color and the sapwood is almost white. Since the pith had small cracks in it, I applied CA glue to it. The glue penetrated the walls of the bowl all the way through and came out on the inside. As expected, it also stained the wood noticeably. This means that no matter how much I sand, I won't be able to remove the stains completely. So my question is: what type of finish should I apply that is dark enough to hide the CA stains but still light enough not to hide all the grain? If that's not possible, I would prefer a darker finish to cover the stains. So far the only type of finish I've used has been salad bowl finish which, clearly, would not work in this case. Thanks.

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