Turning Archive 2008

Dyed box elder box.... *PIC*

Mike Stafford
>I had this piece of box elder in a square in my scrap bin and decided to do something with it. I rounded it up and noticed that the wood was cut with the grain about 30 degrees from vertical. Now usually for stability I prefer the grain to be running from top to bottom.

I decided to go ahead and turn a box from it. After doing so the wood was plain and nondescript I decided to dye it. I did so following some advice I received regarding getting an even color over the box's entirety despite the tendency for the end grain to soak up the dye more readily. I wet the wood with alcohol and applied the dye and immediately took a paper towel that was wet with alcohol and used it to blot up the excess dye and try to achieve a uniform color.

Whether I succeeded or not is for you to judge. The box is 3" tall and 3 1/2" in diameter. Comments and criticisms appreciated...

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