Turning Archive 2008

Roofing Hatchet *PIC*

Jerry Hall
>I have entirely too much time on my hands. Was putting away my father-in-law's old roofing hatchet with one hand, and had a crummy dry black oak block in the other and said to myself, as I looked back and forth, "What the heck. It's worth a try!"

This is the result, a few minutes later: A completely turned "hatchet top," roughed to round, turned and parted with the hatchet. No sanding, or finish, obviously. I like the "Organic" look. It spins, albeit a bit top heavy. I will improve the design next time. Also use a more tolerant wood. Once I got the hang of it went fast. Kind of like a mis-handled Lacer skew. I hollow ground it and honed the bevel and corners. Not bad to use. I guess tools all work pretty much the same. ABC. Anchor, bevel, cut. Maybe next time I will use the head too as a texturing tool.

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