Turning Archive 2008

OT: Diesel in a gas engine

steve antonucci
>My MIL was unfortunate enough to get the "new kid" at the gas station, who pumped about 5 G of Diesel into her tank before the light when on. She tried to start the car, it sputter and shook like you'd expect, and died. It was towed to a local mechanic, and he drained the tank and supposedly "took apart the engine and cleaned it" ( I suspect he may have siphoned out the diesel and just filled the tank with gas.)

I've told her that the car will be fine, but has anyone else ever had this issue? Long term effects from 15 seconds worth of diesel? One mechanic is trying to get her fro a new engine, the other one is telling her the catalytic converter is shot, and another one is telling her to replace the whole car. It's a 10 year old Honda with 30K miles...

Trying to talk some common sense into her...


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