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Moving to Indy, some tools for sale.

Craig Daymon
>Well, I got the job. Now I have to do a high-speed move and coordinate the house sale and pack up the shop. To expedite this and because it will be some months before I have a shop again, some things are up for sale.

Powermatic 3520A with B legs (allows all extensions, including 18" extension for outboard turning that sits lower on the leg), indexing assembly and remote switch (which needs a new switch, but the difficult wiring is complete). $2000 or best offer.

JET Anniversary 3HP left tilt cabinet saw. $1000 or best offer.

JET 14" 1HP bandsaw with riser block, urethane tires and Iturra bandrollers plus an assortment of blades including 2 specific to turners (turners blade from Timberwolf/Suffolk Machinery). Mostly Timberwolf blades, one Woodslicer, widths from 1/4" to 3/4". $600 or best offer.

Oneida 2HP Super Gorilla Cyclone system, 220V. Brand new, never
used. Though, some boxes missing. List is $1066.60 from Oneida. Asking $800 or best offer.

Lumber, not turning stock. 8/4 Popular, 4/4 Ash, 1/2" and 3/4"
plywood, and 3/4" MDF. Some full sheets, some cut into thirds. Most of the lumber is 3-4 feet long. Prices negotiated.

I don't have time to arrange to ship any of this to anyone interested, so you must be local. Just call first, I should be home most times.

1603 Rockcress Drive
Jamison, PA 18929

(215) 343-6122

Also, question for you Indy residents, what do you know about the following builders:

Hansen & Horn - I like the layouts I see on the web
Drees - Great garages for workshops
Beazer - Seems to be the biggest in the area.

I'm considering the Brownsburg or Avon areas, but many folks at the new job are in the Carmel or Zionville area.

Thanks and sorry for the long post. I'll list the tools in the classified area also.


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