Turning Archive 2008

First Teaching Experience - Followup

Steve in NC
>A couple of weeks ago I posted about offering a "Learn to Turn" Class as a donation to a charity auction. Sunday, the aution winner came for her class.

I had expected to use a format similar to a class I had taken several years ago: Safety, lathe parts, tool types, mounting, ...
I soon discovered a difference that made me adapt quickly. The person taking the class was an accomplished musician and artist and had no intention of ever taking up turning. Instead, she had seen my work on display and simply wanted to see how it was done and be able to take a creation home with her.

I still covered safety but then went right to to the lathe with some basic gouge work. After some practice on scrap wood, she ended up turning a bowl shaped oil lamp on a pretty Ambrosia Maple blank, finished with Shellawax. Five hours later, she went home very happy with her finished product.

Her artistic eye for shape and form was evident from the start. We both had a great time and I think we both learned from the experience. Despite the "liability" worry, I would do it again in a minute.


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