Turning Archive 2008

What's louder than a Stihl at full tilt?

Dick Coers
>4 Blue Angels in close formation about 700 feet above your head!!!! I was harvesting some spalted hard maple burl this past Saturday about 5 miles from the Greater Peoria Airport. They were having their annual air show. I had my ear plugs in, cranking full bore in the maple when I heard the planes. Looked straight up and there they were. 4 jets in tight formation in a pretty steep banked turn. I shut off the saw, pulled the ear plugs, and watched a private air show. They passed overhead 5 times. The most memorable was the same tight 4 plane formation with 2 more catching up to do a 6 plane pattern before getting back to the airport. Those 2 catching up, were just plain rippin' They had con trails off the tips of the wings, then banked even harder to envelope the entire wings in con trails. It was a fantastic sight. Nice warm spring day, harvesting free maple burl, faithful dog in the van watching, The Blue Angels overhead........It just don't get any better............

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