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Screwchuck for small objects..... *PIC*

Jesper, Denmark
>Some time ago, we had a discussion about the best screwchuck for small items. My point was that they are easy to make. Having a busted knob on a kitchen door, I all of a sudden had the need....

Attached is apiece of Black Locust, 1/8" hole drilled all the way through to hold the screw. There is a tenon that fits in the #2 jaws on a Stronghold chuck.

Manufacturing time about 10 minutes.

The screw is a 3.5 mm metric, which is tight in the hole. The reason for the locust is that it really hangs on to the screw. The face of the chuck is slightly concave to get a good hold on the OD of the object base. There is a little drawback here, as you have to tighten the object if you reduce the foot diameter.

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Screwchuck for small objects..... *PIC*
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