Turning Archive 2008

Major Gloat

>I've been busy in th shop trying to finish a few pieces that have been biding their time in the shop waiting for completion, trying to prepare for Memorial day weekend. There is an arts council in the state of Vermont who sponsors an open studio weekend. This is a statewide event where artisans of all ilks open their studio to the public for a weekend. So I have been frantically trying to get pieces done, my studio public worthy (just started a set of stone steps that will lead into the shop) and I got this call tonight. It was from an unknown person from a small town nearby who was inquiring about my turnings.

It turns out this was from a woman who is the driving force behind an upscale craft show that happens annually in Vermont. It also happened that it had nothing in common with the open studio weekend. She very graciously asked if I would like to exhibit in her craft show. This is no ordinary craft show (I have gone to it in the past and was astounded by the fine work). The director explained to me that it is a juried show of Vermont artists and is very picky about who they accept to the show. They consider their show to be high end and some of the finest work being done in Vermont. So I was truly shock and awed that she was calling me and asking if I would like to have a booth in her show. She found my website by a google search, and had the other jurors take a look at the site. By virtue of my site alone, they asked me in. That alone justifies the hours and hours I expended in putting together my new site. I intended the site to act as a portfolio, and don't try to promote any sales by it. Seems the site has served it's purpose.

My wife is away for the weekend, so I just had to share this with someone who could appreciate it.

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