Turning Archive 2008

WooHoo..got my Jet 1642 today

>Been a lurker and knowledge gatherer here and other websites for quite some time and have yet to make anything that I want to post except for a few pens and a very basic segmented bowl or two. You folks are an inspiration to all of us beginners and I want to thank you for all your shared knowledge. I have been basically a flat woodworker over the years but due to job, life changes haven't done much of anything in the last few years.

After months & months of looking and wishing and looking and wishing and more looking and more wishing & drooling with a little begging thrown in too, I finally got my Jet 1642 that I've been wanting. Wife said last week to go ahead and get what I want(mustard monster?) so I decided on the Jet due to budget considerations. Have been working on a Jet mini for a few months and seem to be doing OK. Wanted to take that step up.

Now that I have a bigger lathe does that mean my catches are going to get bigger and the bowls fly farther? If so please someone post a phone number for NASA so we can put them on alert.

When you got your lathe what was the best things to turn for practice? Did you start off with green blanks, store bought blanks, etc?

I currently have Bill Grumbines DVD's on order. Probably get here early next week.



Probably won't be able to sleep tonight, just like a kid at Christmas.

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