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Bowl gouge - revisited & small tool gloat

Ray Carson - Lawrenceville, NJ
>I saw a post yesterday from someone wondering which Thompson tool to buy.
I received my gouge(s) from Doug's company a couple of weeks ago and I absolutely love them. They were sharp enough out of the container but I did give the U gouge a lick on my Tormek. WOW !!! I practiced making three bowls on three pieces of scrap Popular and shavings were coming off my work real nice. Compared to my Benjamin Best tools, there's a big difference. I'm not knocking Ben's tools though. I'm no expert either.

Maybe I shouldn't add this comment but Doug threw in (no cost) a 3/8" V gouge, which was a "seconds" quality not fit for sale, for me to try out. It too cut great right out of the container. It was harder to control but I think it was due to my lack of use of a V gouge.

Just thought I'd add my information for anyone who feels like listening.

Thanks again Doug!

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