Turning Archive 2008

Sort of WW related-

steve antonucci
>I was in Detroit yesterday, and I looked up the local Woodcraft where I bought some woodturning related reading material to kill the time I needed to pass in DTW.

I got to thinking about how many Woodcraft's I've shopped in and started compiling a list:

Rochester, NY
Atlanta, GA
Detroit, MI
Allentown, PA
Philadelphia (Street Road and old From Road)
Dublin, CA
One of the CT (Orange I think, but I may have been to both Orange and Norwalk)
I may have also been to the one in NH (can't remember if I stopped in or not)

Yesterday, I tried so hard to not buy tools to avoid having to check luggage, and yet, I had to gate check my bags anyway. Last bag brought up too. So, lessons learned- buy tools and check bags when opportunity knocks.


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