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Swinging Lathe Light... *PIC*

Allen Neighbors
>Well, actually it doesn't swing, but it is a swingin' light.
Thanks to Gary for posting the photo of his, and to John for locating it for me to look at.
This is the one I built out of 1/2" galvanized pipe fittings, and hung over my lathe. Nipples: two 2", two 12", one 8". Elbows: four. Floor Flanges: two. Tightened the long nipples and elbows wrench tight. The two short nipples are just hand tight, so they'll move, allowing the arms to swing. Always swing it the same direction, so the wire doesn't twist.
I threaded the electrical cord through each piece as I screwed it together, so it wouldn't be twisted up inside the pipe. I put two lights on it... the little cheapie desk lamps from Walmart, with the weights removed from the bases, and just screwed onto the board. I left the wiring in the open, in case I needed to lengthen or shorten the last section.
I used it yesterday afternoon and this morning, and it's perfectly positioned, so now I need to box in the wiring.
Thanks again, Gary and John!

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