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Wild Hare Idea *LINK*

charlie belden
>Knowing that there's very little new under the sun, this has probably come up here before - but here goes.

We see all kinds of creative turnings here and elsewhere. Where the ideas come from and how they evolved to the finished piece we admire is seldom mentioned. We assume that the maker is "just creative" - and often tell ourselves we are not.

We get exposed to lots of stimuli all day long - bits and pieces of which can trigger a Wild Hare Idea that's the seed of that dreaded term - a "creativite" idea - which is actually only synthesis - combining existing things/ideas in a new way, or at least new to us.

Attached is the genesis of a Wild Hare Idea that I'm playing with. My hope is, that by providing how it came to be and what I'm experimenting with, it might help others see that it ain't that hard - and hopefully start at least thinking about having a go at being "creative".

This Wild Hare may end up being a dead end. BUT - it may also be a seed for an interesting piece or two - or - the seed for something completely different.

Try it - you may like it!

charlie belden

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