Turning Archive 2008

Cherry Box, wasn't suppose to be *PIC*

Greg Haugen
>Well, this box wasn't "suppose to be". I haven't turned boxes in a while so I borrowed a friend's Ray Key gouge to see if I would want to get another one or use a different tool. So I just chucked up a piece of cherry and just wanted to cut something (which was the base) to get the feel again, not planning on a box at all. Well I liked how it was working out. But I realized to "match" the grain to make this practice piece a box the "lid" was the tenon/waste block on another project. So I finished that project and started to work on the box completely backwards and out of order. Wouldn't recommend it. LOL. Picture isn't the best, I know and the proportions are off a little but I haven't posted anything in awhile. So I'm posting this box that wasn't "suppose to be". It's got a 2" diameter and it's 4" tall. With a "button" (flattened) bead on the top. Finish is a sealing coat of lacquer and waxed. Comments welcome and appreciated.

Greg Haugen

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