Turning Archive 2008

making drums round

>hey everyone, i was wondering how does one go about making drums perfectly round on a lathe. ive made a few using a bowl gouge but took quite a while. the kinds of drums ive made are segmented and stave constructed. does anyone know whats the best way to turn these kinds of drums inside and out. i know of some small custom companies that make drums in this fashion from 8" all the way up to 26" in diameter. Theres no way they're turning by hand with the ammount of drums they're putting out. what kind of lathe or machine can make these glued up drums round inside and out? none of these companies will tell me how they do it for business reasons (go figure) but i know there has to be someone or some people in these forums that can point me in the right direction with this. I just need to know what kind of machine they are doing to make it happen. it cant be impossible right!!!?? :) ive been trying to find out how to turn drums of these various sizes for a while now for production purposes. i would appreciate anyones feedback and expertise

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