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OT (partially) Possible new job in Indianapolis

Craig Daymon
>I'm heading out for an interview this week to Indianapolis. My fingers are crossed that all goes well as this may be a real dream job.

I'm posting this message because I'm wondering about the area. Given that I get the job, I'll probably be looking at housing on the northwest side of the city, maybe Brownsburg? I'll most likely goe with new construction and, of course, I'll want to build a shop at the same time (if I can get the builder to cooperate).

So, with Woodturning/Woodworking in mind and the fact that I'll be working on the NW side of the city, are there areas that are better than others? Are there areas with (hardwood) trees in the yards or close by? Doesn't seem like basements are popular in the area, but if constructing a new home, would you consider a fallout shelter for tornadoes? I know that's probably not the right name, but there are these drop-in emergency shelters for high-tornado areas that are available. Is this a real concern?

Also, what are the AAW groups and their meeting places in the area?

Thanks in advance,


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