Turning Archive 2008

Grinding of Spindle Gouges???

Jesper, Denmark
>The forum and tool grind library seems to deal entirely with bowl turning and bowl turning tools. I find myself having/wanting to do some spindle turning, but find not so much information here to help. Like most, I did start learning with spindle turning, but the Dam...d skew and the fun of bowl or faceplate turning quickly took over.

I was fascinated by Jon Siegel's ideas of spindle turning many years ago. Jon is an accomplished spindle turner and has strong opinions of the techniques, including sharpening spindle gouges on a reversed belt sander. That seems to make some sense, but to me, the result also seems that the spindle gouges become - how shall I put it? slightly less cumbersome skew chisels.

Do we have opinions of how the spindle gouges should be ground? The alterneate to Jon Siegels ideas seem to be like bowl gouges, but with a 40 bevel in place of the normal 60 bevel for the bowl gouges.

To fill out the question, I have been ignoring the lathe for some years due to various personal reasons, but now want to get back into doing stuff that is more manual than the mental work I do for a living.

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