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Predicting crotch figure?

Ken Platt (Granby, CT)
>Folks -

I seem to have managed to collect a pretty good number of crotch pieces in my turn pile. It's a fair bit of work for me to process them into turning blanks, so I'm hoping to see if there are some tips I can use to predict which might have the best figure.

I'm trying to process a bunch of these hunks of wood in order to whittle down the pile size as, um, ordered. Plus then there'll be room for more... I hope.

Anyhow - in your experience, what external signs indicate good figure? Which species? I have cherry, red oak, ash, maple, birch, with a few other odds and ends, some unidentifiable, at least by me. Some have different bark at the join, some have a sort of bulge at the fork, some neither, the limbs just join.

Or is it just plain hit-or-miss, in which case I'd better get some more bandsaw blades. Thanks -


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