Turning Archive 2008

No Turning ...

Tim Grenville-Cleave
>Well the Quack put 14 screws and 2 plates into my left wrist and then had the cheek to say no driving for 6 weeks and No turning until he is happy everything is as good as it is going to get. Maybe 12 months!!

I am right handed so perhaps it could be worse ... I was thinking about captive systems ... and possibly something like is fitted to metal lathes for moving the cutting bit ...

So apart from watching a lot of DVD's or reading every book ever printed anybody got any suggestions on what I am going to do in my little shed for the next 12 months (SWMBO would not take kindly to turning it into a Bar or other such distraction).

All ideas treated in the strictest confidence (Yeah Right) Prizes for the most outrageous and the most useful ideas, maybe!!

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